MERI – A Fairytale ~ Part 12


The journey to the market was over and Meri began the debriefing process with her subjects. How did the journey go? Where there any issues? Did everyone enjoy themselves? Many questions were cast towards her subjects, hoping there were no real issues. But as is always the case, there was always one elder who produced a challenge. This elder was independent and did not appreciate having to stay with the group. This elder wanted to browse independent of the rest of the party. Meri asked her subject what her thoughts were in regards to caring for this elder on journeys. Her subject mentioned that it was difficult, as she could at times become distracted from the rest of the elders trying to persuade and follow this independent elder. Meri was conflicted. Independence was an apparition to the elders. It was something they had all their lives, but now, just because they were aged, it was taken away without their permission. Meri knew she had to let her majesty know the outcome of the journey. Meri could not have predicted the outcome of her conversation with her majesty (although between you and I, Meri should have known).

Her majesty raised her lanky vein covered hand in the air and proclaimed, ‘we will have no more journeys to the market. It shall be written; no more market for the elders.’

Meri was stunned, she tried to speak with her majesty and convince her otherwise. This was not the solution, Meri pleaded. Maybe her majesty should speak to the elder and explain that they should not be allowed off on his or her own? Her majesty agreed, but with great disdain.

The assembly with the elder took longer than anticipated. The elder disagreed with the facts of the journey. The elder had not, ‘gone off on his or her own’. The elder saw no issue. There was nowhere to go in the market, but did admit, shopping independently of the group was an option. Her majesty listened and told the elder that he/she could not go off on his or her own, for safety reasons. The elder disagreed. Her majesty looked at the elder straight in the eye and said, ‘that is it, no more market, I have spoken’. Meri was speechless. Punishing all elders for one was an old tactic, not to mention immoral. Her majesty glared at Meri and growled, ‘you will write the law and post for all to see’. Meri’s head began to spin as she mouthed the word ‘yes’ softly.

Meri exited the assembly and returned to the dungeon. She could not, out of conscience, write the law. Her professional reputation was on the line. If the ‘court’ were to find out, she would be denounced from all her duties.

Meri had a decision to make. Would she write the memo? Would she disclose the decision to all the elders?



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