MERI – A Fairytale – Part 10


Meri journeyed home after a long day at the home of the elders. She couldn’t help but think and analyze everything that occurred over the past few weeks. The whispers in the halls had told her everything. Her majesty surrounded herself with subjects that were indebted to her. Each one was related to another. Even the princess who worked for Meri was her majesty’s daughter. Meri had heard the whispers that her majesty wanted the princess to complete her destiny as the ruler of Meri’s subjects, but that was not to be. There were laws in place that would assure Meri was to be the ruler, not the princess.

Meri was tiring quickly. She did not approve of how her majesty ruled the home. She ruled by intimidation, fear, and nepotism. Yes, it was true that most who worked for her majesty were relatives or friends of friends. There was no way any of those would speak against her majesty, they owed her and she knew it. How could this occur in this day and age, Meri thought? Why hadn’t someone stopped her?

The next day came upon Meri quickly, as sleep avoided her. She arrived at the home of the elders at dawn, once again. Along her journey she began to second-guess herself about her plan for the elders. How could Meri go against her majesty? Surely it would be found out at some point, and she would be the recipient of her majesty’s wrath.

Meri quickly ran to the minders of the elder’s assembly. Her majesty convened the assembly and spoke about the new program plans. Meri could not look at her majesty while she spoke. There was a silence in the room while her majesty spoke about the low functioning programs. It seemed to Meri that others disagreed, but would not voice their own opinions or thoughts. The assembly ended and once again, Meri was asked to stay in the room by her majesty, but this time, joined by her majesty’s right hand woman.

‘I’ve asked you to stay here to talk about respect’, her majesty growled.

‘I’m not sure what you are talking about’, Meri said plainly.

‘You have disrespected me in front of your subjects, this is unacceptable.’ Her majesty said tersely.

Meri looked at her majesty’s right hand woman as she took quill and papyrus and wrote everything down without looking at Meri.

Her majesty continued, ‘we had spoken about the assembly with your subjects, but yet, you sided with them. It seems that you want to be friends with them and that cannot be. You are their ruler and must act as their ruler, there is to be NO friendship between you all.’

Meri was shocked. Although she was friendly with her subjects, she was still their ruler. Meri believed in teamwork, not ruler versus subject. Meri shook her head and said quietly, ‘your majesty, I never disagreed with you in front of the subjects.’

Her majesty grew angrier and snarled, ‘YOU DID! I saw your face and you said aloud you agreed with one of your subjects.’

Meri could not remember if she had said something out of turn. Then again, it was supposed to be a free world and if she said something, why was she being tortured? Why was her majesty so angry?

Meri became silent. This was a witch-hunt and she could not win, her majesty’s right hand woman was now documenting everything she said and did.

Her majesty declared the meeting over, but made it clear, she had ears around the home of the elders and would know if something was awry.

Meri left the room feeling emotionally exhausted and defeated. Her majesty spoke about respect, but what about respect FROM her majesty? Meri would wonder if this was the beginning of the end at the home of the elders. Meri was correct in her feelings as to how the future would eventually play out.


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