MERI – a Fairytale ~ Part 9


The assembly of Meri, her subjects and her majesty became heated. Meri’s subjects knew each and every elder in the home inside and out, whereas her majesty never took the time nor did her research prior to calling the assembly. Her majesty was used to ruling with an iron fist and governing all who lived under her, without question or argument.

Her majesty ran the assembly with power and confidence. She was adamant about her concept, but never took any credit, as she said it was all Meri’s idea. While speaking, her majesty would glance over at Meri with daggers in her eyes that only Meri could recognize. Her majesty tried to gain the trust of her subjects by conversing and telling them that she had never held such an assembly before with any other department. These subjects were different. There was a lot of talk about emotions, programs, and caring for the elders that the other assemblies did not permit nor allow.

One of the subjects spoke about the lower functioning elders and agreed they too needed care, but what about the higher functioning? What was to happen to them if all programs were catered to lower functioning? What were they to do if a higher functioning elder entered the lower functioning program? Her majesty’s back went up, she stared coldly at Meri, and said,

‘I have spoken; Meri has spoken; now you must do as we say. If a higher functioning elder enters the room, you must explain that this is for the lower functioning elder, the higher functioning elder must exit.’

Just then one of the subjects exclaimed, ‘we can’t do that! That is not right.’

Meri must have spoken up at that point and agreed with her subjects, although to this day she cannot remember voicing her opinion.

Her majesty whipped her head around and shot daggers at Meri. Meri ignored it, this was no longer about her majesty; this entire assembly was about the elders.

Her majesty took her quill and papyrus and began to write. She rose out of her seat, declared the assembly over, and said,

‘It will be written; there will be more programs for the lower functioning’.

Meri was left sitting with her subjects as they kept speaking about how this was unfair, and that there must be a better way to handle this dilemma. Meri reassured her subjects that everything would work out; she would find a way to include all elders.

Meri rose out of her chair and walked slowly into her office. How was she going to handle this situation? She had an idea, but it would take complete trust and secrecy from her subjects.



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