MERI – a Fairytale ~ Part 8


Meri returned to the dungeon following the meeting with her majesty. Nothing was going to change. Her majesty was going to do whatever it took to shun the ‘disruptive elder’. Her majesty listened and wrote all Meri’s points down, but still nothing would alter this elder’s destiny.

Meri was upset that the battle was not won because that meant the war was still on, she was sure of that.

Meri continued to lead her subjects and make the most of what little she had left in the way of her struggle.

Time passed and Meri did the best she could for all the elders and her subjects. She continued to hold court with her subjects monthly and spoke of altering the atmosphere at the home, until her majesty wanted to hold court with her. Meri knew her majesty did not trust her any longer and holding court with her subjects was a way she could control her. Her majesty had taken a concern of Meri’s and decided to run and control it. Meri was always worried about the elders who could no longer speak nor comprehend. She had ideas to help these elders that would need to include all who served the elders. Unfortunately, her majesty would take this idea and amend it to her own agenda.

The assembly encircled the round table located in the dungeon. Meri believed the round table gave a sense of security and safeness to her subjects. To Meri, the table represented honesty, non-judgment, and connection for all who sat around it. It was a place to speak aloud without any repercussions. Meri had spoke to each subject and informed them of her majesty’s arrival for the assembly. Her subjects were not happy that her majesty was sitting in on the assembly, but Meri explained that her majesty had the elder’s best interest at heart. Obviously, this was not something Meri truly believed, but she needed to protect her subjects from her majesty’s wrath.

Her majesty arrived with quill and papyrus and sat down at the table. Her majesty seemed uncomfortable, as there was no ‘head of the table’ as she was used to. Meri commenced with the meeting.

Would Her majesty gain the trust of Meri’s subjects, or would this assembly create more chaos at the home of the elders?


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