MERI – a Fairytale ~ Part 7


Meri returned to the home of the elders at dawn a little frightened following her majesty’s wrath the day before. Meri had no way of knowing that her majesty had been in disguise the entire time she knew her, but since their exchange she was now wary of the real majesty behind the closed door to the gateway.

Meri ran down to the dungeon quickly in order to escape from her majesty. She had hoped that the day prior had been a nightmare, but the whispers in the halls once again confirmed that her time at the home of the elders would be short and not without battles. Meri could not let her subjects nor the elders know about her majesty’s transformation, she had to conceal her feelings and actions about and toward her majesty. She had to be the princess she knew she was and not change a bit.

Meri arrived at the dawn assembly of the minders of the elders in the meeting room, hesitantly. Her majesty spoke a few words then dismissed the minders. Meri tried to exit as quickly as possible to avoid contact with her majesty, but she was stopped in her tracks when her majesty said she needed to talk to her at some point during the day. Meri looked down at the floor avoiding majesty’s eyes, as she knew what demonic presence lived there, and set a time to convene for the afternoon.

Once again Meri found herself approaching her majesty’s sealed door to the gateway, but this time she was ready. Meri would not back down, the law of the elders was written in blood, and no one, not even her majesty, was permitted to break the seal.

She placed her hand on the doorknob and without haste entered her majesty’s gateway. Her majesty rose from her throne and sauntered over the Meri.

‘Meri, please sit, my dear’, her majesty spoke in a lilting tone.

At this point Meri was confused, this was not her majesty she encountered just the day before. Maybe, just maybe, the day before never occurred. Meri slowly walked over to the chair as her majesty sat down across from her.

Her majesty began to speak, ‘Meri, I must apologize for my outburst yesterday. It was not appropriate.’

Meri felt weak and the room began to spin once again, but through a whisper she accepted her majesty’s apology.

Her majesty began to speak again, ‘you see Meri, there are things that go on around here that I must take care of in order to keep the elders safe. It is my duty as Queen.’

Meri could only reply, ‘yes, your majesty, but the law of the elders,’

Her majesty cut off Meri’s words quickly as she continued to speak calmly,

‘I am only protecting the elders and this one elder is not like the others. This elder is evil and will try to take down her majesty along with this home. You understand, don’t you?’

Just then a chill crept up and down Meri’s spine. She could not believe what she was hearing. What was her majesty up to? Where was the evilness that Meri knew, that laid within her majesty?


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