MERI – a Fairytale ~ Part 6

1099BLack Magic

Meri was told to sit while her majesty threw daggers and hurtful words at her. The room filled with darkness and evil beings from the past. All were there to give strength to her majesty. Meri was alone as she sank deeper and deeper into the earth.

‘How dare thee’ began every sentence. How dare thee go behind her majesty’s back, how dare thee disagree with her majesty, how dare thee discuss what happens within the doors of the elders’ home with others. ‘This disruptive elder is a psychopath and needs to be disciplined’, her majesty shouted. Then came the words of ‘what did I do to thee that would make thee disagree with me?’, she shrilled from the highest decibel!

Meri attempted to get a word in, but could not! She was admonished whenever she was about to speak. Her majesty would point her long crooked finger and say ‘oh no, thee has had her say, now it’s my turn’!

Her majesty called upon her god, looked up to the sky and asked for guidance. What was she to do with this traitor? With arms outstretched over her head, her majesty began to incant words that Meri did not understand. The room began to spin. By now, Meri was sinking deeply into the earth, full of sorrow and sobbing. Never in her wildest dreams did she think that her majesty would change so greatly and expose the evilness inside.

Meri’s breath was slowly being taken away, but she was able to inhale long and hard and scream, ‘what about the law of the elders? The law was written in blood by those that went before them. That is why I could not go along with shunning an elder. It is my destiny!’

Everything stopped. Meri could breathe again and the darkness faded away. Her majesty looked down at her with black eyes and gnarled face and said quietly, ‘this is not over, you will pay, but not quite yet my dear. You’ve had your say and revealed yourself to me! When you least expect it, you will disappear. It will be written, mark my words!’ Her majesty pointed towards the door and yelled to ‘GET OUT!’ Meri carefully lifted out of the chair, turned around, opened the closed door and exited with tears streaming down her face.

Collectively the whispers in the halls confirmed to Meri that all had changed and she would be persecuted. Meri was alone and began to wonder where everything went awry.

Was it she who was in the wrong? Would she have to strength to carry on? What would be her next move?


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