MERI – a Fairytale ~ Part 5


Meri joined the other minders of the elders for the dawn meeting in the dark and cold quarters. Her majesty arrived and took her seat at the head of the table. Meri felt a deep uncomfortable feeling as she sat down to discuss the day’s events for the elders. Her majesty frowned and stared with electric daggers in her eyes as Meri took her turn speaking. The past 48 hours had been difficult for Meri, but her advisor promised she would take care of the situation. Had something gone wrong, Meri wondered? Shivers began to travel up and down her spine. No, this was not a good sign. Meri’s sixth sense was activated and she realized that somehow her majesty knew about her reservations regarding the disruptive elder. Meri’s breathing halted. Poor Meri, she could not have detected the next move from her majesty. As the meeting came to a close, her majesty growled at Meri and said she needed to talk privately to her in her office at the end of day. Oh no, thought Meri. Something had gone terribly wrong, but she would have to wait until the end of the day to determine how wrong.

Meri continued on with her daily tasks. She had no confidante at the home of the elders, other than her advisor, so she summoned her quickly. Meri’s sixth sense was right once again. Her advisor did not know what to do with the information passed on to her, so she consulted with the head magistrate of the home. In turn, the magistrate rang her majesty, and reprimanded her, as he divulged all the information he was given. Meri knew this was not good. She had heard whispers throughout the home of her majesty’s wrath. All who served under her were fearful for their positions within the home and were terrorized on a regular basis if they disagreed with her majesty.

Meri could not let her subjects feel her pain. She went on throughout the day like nothing had happened. She was a leader and it was her job to run her department and not let on that she was fearful for the meeting with her majesty.

Meri spoke with her advisor behind closed doors. Her advisor apologized profusely to how the situation had been handled. Her advisor did not know that the head magistrate would speak with her majesty and reprimand her. Either way, poor Meri, felt she would pay for all that was said  and suffer any and all consequences.

The end of the day had arrived. Meri grabbed her paper and quill as she slowly travelled up the stairs to knock on her majesty’s closed door. She knocked, placed her hand on the ice-cold knob, turned it, and unlatched the gateway to her majesty’s office.

Her majesty sat on her throne and with a snarl told Meri to close the door behind her. Meri discovered the true essence of her majesty immediately. Her majesty had transformed right before her eyes. The blackness swooped down as the air escaped the room. A chill crept through Meri’s body as she staggered to her majesty’s throne. What was happening to her? Meri could no longer see properly. She was overcome with complete and utter weakness.

What would be said in this room? Would Meri survive and be able to exit this gateway, or would she be swallowed whole and disappear from this realm?













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