MERI – a Fairytale ~ Part 4


Meri summoned her advisor and spoke about her majesty’s wish of excluding an elder at all programs and future journeys. Meri also conceded that yes, this elder could be very disruptive in other situations, but this elder was fine with her subjects. She felt that shunning this elder would create greater controversy and disputes in the dwelling. Meri was very upset. She explained to her advisor that excluding anyone from programs and journeys was against the law of the elders and that it was against her professions’ best practices.

She also spoke about discipline. It seemed that her majesty was trying to discipline this elder and (she felt) that was wrong. None of the elders wanted to be living in the dwelling, but all possessed some sort of ailment that did not allow them to live in the community on their own. Her advisor agreed wholeheartedly and promised she would assist in this very unreal and ugly situation. Meri’s advisor told her she would handle the matter and concluded the conversation advising Meri to relax and enjoy her weekend.

There it was, Meri’s first confrontation with the dark side of her majesty. Would it be her last? Meri yearned that this entire affair would be worked out, as she had complete faith and hope in her advisor, and because she knew it was her destiny.

Meri spent her weekend recalling the entire conversation with her majesty and the minder of the elders. Well, conversation would not be the correct word to use, more like one-sided. Meri never spoke, as she felt blindsided. She could understand, no cut that, there would be no understanding from Meri when it came to the misuse of power towards any of the elders. She would not accept the dark side and do everything in her power to convey this to her majesty. There was no black and white when caring for the elders, but there were many grey areas, and she would reveal these symbols to her majesty within the next 48 hours.

Meri journeyed to her destiny with the elders at dawn. Her bright light that usually shimmered when she entered the dwelling had faded somewhat. Nothing could have prepared her for her day. Although she still displayed a skip in her step, it was quieter and a little withdrawn. She concealed everything from her subjects regarding the ‘disruptive elder’. She did not want her subjects to know that her majesty had shunned this elder. Meri felt this was her fight and truly believed she was right.

Meri would soon be summoned once again to her majesty’s domain, but this time, she not would not only experience the darkness, she would be shrouded by the shadows of those who journeyed before her.


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