MERI – a Fairytale ~ Part 3


The first term of Meri’s position under the reign of her majesty went well. Meri was able to alter the atmosphere at the home of the elders using her clever and imaginative nature, by suggesting, implementing and carrying out new and innovative programs.

She led her subjects with great enthusiasm, and in turn, gained their trust and respect.

During this time an artist had been commissioned to paint portraits of the new overseers’. Meri’s portrait would hang for all to see, along with others that ruled before her. The morning of the portrait saw Meri happy and eager to begin her day. There was a distinct bounce in her step and bright light that followed her as she journeyed the hallways of the elders. Her smile and laughter captivated many of the elders waiting for their next program, and then out of nowhere, she was summoned by her majesty.

Meri was to meet her majesty and some of the minders of the elders in the meeting room at the end of the day. She entered the room and felt a dark and cold presence. Something was not right in this dim and dingy place. Meri’s heart began to beat quickly as she seated herself down and began to hear what her majesty and the others had to say. Her majesty began to speak of a specific elder that was a disruption during the meal hours. It was decided that this elder would not be allowed out on any further journeys with their peers and would not be invited to programs. Meri was taken aback. This was against the law of the elders, how could her majesty do this? Meri agreed quietly and quickly, knowing this was not right, but she needed to exit this room forthwith before she said something she may regret.

Meri ran down the stairs to her post, grabbed her passkey and exited the dwelling. Her journey home saw her ire rise, along with a complete sadness. Meri was lost in her thoughts when she began to question all that was said. Who was her majesty? She had changed from a bright light to a darkened being. The law of the elders was written in blood, this was not honourable. Meri wondered why she couldn’t speak up during the meeting, was it because her majesty had changed? Was it because Meri had been afraid of the darkness that encircled her majesty and the others? Or was it because Meri was caught off guard by the entire discussion? It shall be written; Meri would loose her footing in this dwelling and her life within would never be the same.


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