MERI – a Fairytale ~ Part 2


Meri knew deep down inside that working with the elders was put in place by the gods so she worked tirelessly each day.

Her travel each day to work for the elders began at the breaking of dawn and ended at dusk. She had noticed that her subjects were hesitant to follow orders at first. As she would find out, they had every reason to be skeptical, as some of the previous managers had not taken an interest in their activities. Meri would prove to her subjects that she was different. She immediately formed a bond with each and every one of them. Meri was determined to be a leader and not just a manager. She knew there was an enormous difference, and would convince her subjects, that together they would work for the good of the elders. It wouldn’t just be paperwork and politics for Meri. She would teach each and every subject that it was compassion and empathy, which would win the day.

Meri’s first few months were spent meeting with her majesty, getting to know her subjects, but more importantly getting to know the elders. She began to form bonds and arrived every day to work, with a smile and high energy that was contagious. Meri was happy and realized that she was fulfilling her destiny.

Then, in a blink of an eye, everything would change.

Looking back now, anyone would recognize that Meri would be in trouble. She was too forward thinking, too open to new ideas, too empathetic. Her majesty was not the person Meri had assumed. Her majesty, as it would turn out, never left her office during the day. Her door was always closed. Meri thought that was strange, as how could someone run a home behind closed doors? And more importantly, what was happening behind the closed door? Meri would soon find out that many disciplines were handed out to each subject, sometimes on a daily basis. Meri was not a disciplinarian. She agreed that subjects needed to do their jobs, but she had a different approach. Meri believed in her heart that most people wanted to do well; they were human.

She believed that leading her team was very much different from managing them; she was a new-age thinker in an old way of controlling and intimidating subjects. Meri’s transparent and accountable character, along with her outgoing and empathetic nature, would eventually clash with her majesty’s way of doing business. Poor Meri, she would soon be blindsided by her majesty and other persons in similar positions. Would Meri fight to the death and fulfill her destiny? Or would she comply with her majesty’s wishes?


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