MERI – a Fairytale ~ Part 1



Once upon a time, in a far away land, there lived a King and Queen. Although a happy pair, they felt there was something missing in their lives. They agreed that a child would make their lives complete. A princess was born and it was agreed that she would be named, Meri. This golden haired girl was born with no worries and enveloped in love. She was, as everyone agreed, a happy child. The King and Queen took their child on many travels so that they could teach their child about life. Through their countless journeys, the nomadic King and Queen doted on their Princess and gave her all that was lost to them as children. Soon the King and Queen began to see that the Princess possessed a special trait, empathy.

Both the King and Queen taught their golden haired girl how to use this gift for the good of the many villagers she would meet along the way.

But, as the fair maiden grew into a lovely young woman, she began to feel that this ‘gift’ was a curse. The young maiden began to conceal her emotions in order to protect herself from hurt and harm.

As the maiden entered her mid-twenties, the King succumbed to an incurable disease. The King departed the realm; joined others before him, by travelling to a new mysterious dimension, leaving the Queen and Princess to function on their own.

Meri was left to comfort and assist the Queen on how to rule the kingdom.

Years passed and Meri felt lost. She didn’t know what to do and was not fulfilled; she did not fit in anywhere, except with the elders. Then one day she realized her destiny. She was meant to help and support the elders through the rest of their lives. Meri worked hard and accepted every task thrown at her in order to comfort the elders. Throughout the land, all who knew her had embraced her compassion, leadership, and empathetic nature.

Meri would soon find her dream position in order to fulfill her destiny. She would be working for her majesty at the home for the elders. Meri was finally happy, but as in all fairy tales, before long she would be in the middle of a battle, that would prove to be difficult to fight.


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