Cat in the Bag…


Buggs turned out to be a gremlin. Anyone who has brought a kitten into a family can probably attest to that statement. Kittens can be rascals, unpredictable, curious, and always getting into mischief. What happened to the cowering fearful kitten I was introduced to at the Humane Society? I had everything he could want; yet, he seemed to prefer my furniture to the scratching post! Every day when I would return from work I would either find him swinging from the drapes or hidden inside the sofa bed corners. Was it my choice of name for him I wondered? I named him after my favourite cartoon character that was a comedic genius even though he wasn’t a rabbit. Then again, Bugs Bunny was mischievous in every sense of the word.

Buggs also became a great traveller. I would place a harness on him and take him in the car to visit Dad and Mom. Dad was nearing the end of his life, but so enjoyed his visits with the kitten. I would enter the front door, take him off the harness and the fun would begin. This little one would run up and down the stairs at the speed of lightning almost compulsively. Up and down, up and down, up and down, he would take each stair individually.

Dad would just sit in his lazy boy chair, laugh, cough, and say to me ‘Well didn’t you get a rambunctious cat! Your hands are full now’.

No truer words were spoken, I thought.

And just when you thought Buggs was finished, he would take a flying leap down the stairs, into the living room and jump over Dad’s head into his lap where Dad would have all of 3 seconds to pet him. Just then he would take a flying leap off Dad’s lap to begin the run again, up and down the staircase. Really? I thought. Will he ever tire?

Next we noticed that Buggs turned his head quickly and spied a paper bag sitting in the hallway. Uh oh I thought; this wouldn’t be good. He slowly approached the bag, touched the handle gingerly and it toppled on top of him. He jumped, but now he was caught inside the bag. He quickly found his way out (hmmm, smart kittie) and began to run in and out of this bag. Next thing you know, he would be inside running as if the bag had its own life. The bag travelled the living room, dining room, and kitchen for over 20 minutes with Buggs inside. There was no stopping this one. Dad began to laugh so hard that tears formed in his eyes. Mom looked over and started to laugh also. I began to chuckle, not at Buggs, but at Mom and Dad who seemed to be thoroughly amused by this little guy.

After all the hoopla, it was time to head home as I had an early day at the office and was about to make a huge decision regarding my job. I had to be with Dad in his last few months of life, because I noticed that as each day passed, we had less and less time on the clock.


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