Follow the yellow brick road- PART 1


The sun was shining into my room as I opened my eyes and turned my head to see a costume hanging on my bedroom door. Oh god, I was hoping it was all a dream, or nightmare, depending on your point of view. While my eyes adjusted to the bright light, I noticed that the time on my alarm clock, in a deep red glow, read as 8:22 a.m.

This was Saturday; I was supposed to be off work! I felt the frustration and anger build inside me. Why did I let Jenny talk me into this? Why didn’t I say NO? I figured at that moment, that there was nothing else I could do, but go along with the plan. It wasn’t like I had never worn a costume before; working at Canada’s Wonderland for years had conditioned me as not just an employee, but also a ‘cast member’.

I was supposed to be at the mall by noon, so decided to get out of bed and make myself a coffee and turn on the TV. I surfed the channels and what did I come across? No, not the Wizard of Oz, but that would have been the icing on the cake. The movie playing was an old movie called ‘Love Finds Andy Hardy’, starring Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland. Close enough, I thought, a movie starring Judy Garland was a sign, I wasn’t sure what type of sign, but a sign nonetheless.

I jumped in the shower and then decided to call Mom and Dad to give them the latest news on their daughter.

‘Hi Mom’ I said.

‘Hi Honey’ Mom said in her little voice. ‘Are you going to make it for dinner tonight? Your father said that he invited you over, he is planning on shopping this morning for salmon steaks to put on the bar-b-que’.

‘Ah, yeah, umm, what time were you thinking of eating?’ I said hesitantly.

‘Whatever time you want.’ She said.

‘Yeah, ah, I have to work today at a mall.’

‘What? What do you mean?’

‘Long story, but the short version is I am playing Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz in the east end of Toronto.’

She began to chuckle. Really? Thanks for giving me confidence, I thought.

‘Are you dressing up?’ she asked.

‘Yeah, I have a costume here with a wig, basket and a toy dog Toto, not to mention the ruby slippers’, I said acerbically.

‘Oh’, Mom said excitedly, ‘you must come over before you head out to the mall, I want to see you!’

There was no doubt in my mind that Mom would love this. She always had a flare for the dramatic. Who wouldn’t want the chance to see me in full costume? Me, that’s who!

‘Okay, I’ll come over on my way, but don’t laugh’ I said sternly.

‘Oh no, I would never laugh at you’ she said lovingly.

We said our goodbyes and now it was time to transform into ‘Dorothy’.


© 2014 Paula Bilz. All Rights Reserved.




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