There’s a Storm Brewing…


Things were moving quickly at the radio station following the exit of my mentor and friend Richard. The General Manager hired a new program director for the station that ended up using Richard’s office.

I remained in a small room attached to the ginormous hard drive, which occupied the right side of my office. To think, now you can download files onto a small finger sized stick, but years ago hard drives were located in large sealed rooms, and this one happened to be adjacent to mine. Needless to say, the atmosphere did not lend itself to creativity.

Next thing I realized, the Program Director hired a new Promotion Manager. Great, I thought, a new boss.

Jenny came in like a whirlwind. I quickly learned that she worked in the United States as a promotion Manager. She was high maintenance to say the least. Her grasp of not only Canadian radio, but also talk radio was next to nil. We were introduced and the next thing I knew she wanted all the files we were currently working on in the promotion department. I tried to explain each one, but she didn’t seem to listen. She wanted complete control over everything. I tried to begin a dialogue with her, but was never able to complete my thought, as she would take our conversations in another direction.

Okay, so that’s the way it’s going to be! I truly wanted to assist her in her transition, but it seemed she wanted it another way. What way? I had no idea. I walked into her office with an armload of file folders and said,

‘Here’s all the promotions we are currently working on, do you want me to explain the events, advertising, etc.’?

‘No, thanks, just leave them on the corner of my desk, I will look through them.’

‘Okay, but what would you like me to do?’ I asked frowning.

‘Whatever, just do what you do?’ she said waving a hand in the air, keeping her head down and looking all the file folders.

Really, I thought? That’s it? Seriously? I work under you and your job as a manager is to give direction, and you have none to give? All righty, then. I turned around and walked back into my office, sat down and looked at the walls. This was going to be a long day for me.

I began to work the phones. I had a great relationship with many of our advertisers and sponsors, so I began calling them letting them know that Jenny was our new Manager and gave them her contact information.

In the meantime, many of the clients wanted to book meetings with some of the sales reps and myself. I would write down the specific dates to hand over to Jenny, as she would now be the one to schmooze. Half my day was spent on the phone booking lunches, meetings, etc., for Jenny and our clients. I couldn’t help but think this wasn’t really my job, but again, I had no files, no promotions, nothing to do. Frustrated? Oh yeah, very, but I was willing to see this through as I knew it was going to be a tough ride for her.

I typed up the meeting schedules for Jenny, walked them into her office and said,

‘Here’s your calendar for the next few weeks with our clients, do you need me to do anything else?’

Without lifting up her head she said,

‘Just put it on my desk, I’ll look at it later, thanks’.

I wasn’t quite sure where to place it, as her desk looked like a scene straight out of a hurricane movie. I just stood there with the paper in hand.

‘Where would you like me to put it?’ I asked, as I couldn’t find a section of desk through all the files and folders.

‘Just put it on top of the folders, please’ she said frustrated.

I noticed that her perfectly coifed hair was now a mess. If this was any indication of her work habits, I was in big trouble.

© 2014 Paula Bilz. All Rights Reserved.


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