Who Knew????


It turned out that Dad was a fast healer, which was a little strange, as he didn’t lead the healthiest lifestyle. Dad’s diet consisted of junk food, eating and drinking in restaurants while away on business, and of course, he was a smoker. Add to all that, he was overweight and had his daily high blood pressure and diabetes medication to take. His doctor was even amazed.

Whether it was the scare of cancer or the hen pecking from the family, he quit smoking, cold turkey. Irritable? Yes, he had his moments. But we were optimistic and beginning to look towards the future. Although the biopsy came back positive, the surgeon was confident he had removed all the Cancer.

Dad finally arrived home. The nurse scheduled a visit to demonstrate how to clean and change the bandages daily. Of course, Mom wanted me there for the lesson. It was the least I could do, so I took a day off work.

Surprisingly, I wasn’t squeamish, but Mom couldn’t do it. This surprised me at the time as she was only 54 years old and this was her husband, her life. But I never had time to think about it, I just dove in and visited every evening to clean and change the bandages.

That weekend, Dad took me aside and said,

‘I’m craving French toast, but your Mother doesn’t know how to make it’.

‘Okay, well I know how to make it’, I said. ‘You want some now?’

‘Ooooh, I would love a few pieces, if you have time.’ Dad said giving me the ole blue eyes.

I could never say no to Dad. He meant the world to me. He was the first male figure I had in my life and he taught me so many lessons. Good and bad, we were connected. The one thing I remember is that he never treated me like a ‘girl’; he treated me like a person!

‘Your French Toast is served’ I said as I presented it to Dad on his TV table in the living room.

‘Smells, good!’ he said excitedly. ‘You didn’t make any for yourself?’ He asked me.

‘No, I’m not hungry right now. You enjoy. I have to get back home and do some cleaning’, I said.

‘Okay, well you don’t know what you are missing’, Dad said with a huge childlike smile on his face.

‘Yeah, I know… it’s the best you’ve ever had’ I said smiling while walking towards the door.

‘Well, not the best, but close to it’ he said with a glint in his eye.

‘See you tomorrow’, I said.

I walked out the door feeling better. Dad was looking healthy and eating. I considered this was good sign. It looked like everything was going to be fine, I thought. It would be weeks until his next doctor’s appointment, and then, if I knew Dad, he would want to go back to work. Somehow, I felt we all dodged a bullet, but in the end, did we?

© 2014 Paula Bilz. All Rights Reserved.


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