Time Marches On…


My job at the radio station was working so well, that I barely had time to sit down and relax. My days consisted of work, and the evenings I visited Mom and Dad to change his bandages. I was losing weight, but like most women, I felt I needed to lose a few pounds anyway.

Weeks went by and Dad was feeling much better and decided it was time to head back to work. He was working as a consultant for an old friend whom he had met many years prior while working in Montreal. He began the daily journey of commuting to downtown Toronto. I could see how excited he was to get behind the wheel again. Dad loved to drive, whether it was short or long distances, he didn’t care. Somehow, he must of felt that this was the one thing he could control. Cancer seemed to control him over the last months, but now he was back in the drivers seat.

Everything in our lives was slowly getting back to ‘normal’. Even Mom seemed a little more relaxed and she too began to laugh again.

So I had no idea that when I arrived into work one early morning that I would be approached by my Manager Richard, who wanted me to meet him in his office as soon as I got settled.

Hmmm, that’s a little strange I thought. Our relationship was not only Manager/employee; it was a friendship that had begun years earlier when we both met at Kingswood Music Theatre. Needless to say, I knew something was up.

I walked into his office, as he signaled to close the door behind me.

I sat down and said, ‘What’s up?’

Richard quietly began to tell me that he was leaving, as he had accepted a job offer at another Toronto AM station.

‘What?’ I said, surprised.

‘Yes, I’m leaving here and have given the General Manager my resignation. You know that I’ve always wanted to work at a music station rather than a talk radio station’, he said enthusiastically. ‘It’s always been my dream.’

‘Yeah, I know. I am happy for you.’ I said happily with a bit of sadness in my voice. ‘When is your last day?’ I asked.

‘End of the week, they need me there sooner rather than later’, he said.

The end of the week, my head began to spin. That was quick, I thought. But then again, in the radio biz, things moved at a faster pace than normal.

‘Don’t worry, he said, I will try very hard to get you in there also’.

Wow, that came out of left field. Okay then, I was ready to move on because the main reason I took this position, was the chance to work with Richard.

And that was it. My advisor, the one who helped me secure my position in the company, my friend, had walked out of the building that Friday afternoon.


© 2014 Paula Bilz. All Rights Reserved.


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