I Was Doing So Well… Then Whammo!!!


My time over the next few months at the radio station flew by. I was working non-stop and constantly learning. I felt blessed that the General Manager took me under his wing. I am not sure why he took an interest in me, but was grateful he had. Once a week, lunches were spent in the local pub where he spoke freely about his life prior to working at the radio station. I just sat and listened; I did not have the life or career experience behind me that would add to any of our conversations. In addition, our little ‘hide and seek’ game behind the owners back was finally over. I was now official with business cards; I was the Promotion Coordinator. Along with my certified title, came many responsibilities and new contacts within the field of entertainment. My work crossed over into 10 to 12 hour days, with a few hours thrown in on weekends, but yet, I never felt tired.

Then came the phone call from Mom. Dad was sick to his stomach regularly and in excruciating pain. A doctor’s appointment had been made with his GP. A lump had been located in the lower section of his back. He would be sent for an ultra sound immediately. Mom and Dad were to receive the results in the next day or two.

My heart sank. It couldn’t be anything serious, I thought. Dad was only 61 years old and had never been sick a day in his life. No, everything would be fine; I struggled to convince myself.

The following days, I went into work as if nothing happened. I hid all doubt, fear, and sadness deep in the inner corners of my mind and heart.

Then the news from Mom,

‘Your Dad has a tumour on one of his kidney’s’; she spoke quietly over the phone.

‘He has to have surgery immediately as the doctor’s think it’s cancer. They will remove his entire kidney, which will hopefully remove all the cancer.’

I was shocked, stunned, and couldn’t speak as I quietly hung up the phone.

Cancer? Cancer? Cancer? What was it with his side of the family? His Dad died from Hodgkin’s disease in his early 80’s, his Mom from colon Cancer in her 80’s. Dad was only 61, this couldn’t be happening. He would be fine, the kidney would be removed with all the cancer, yes, I was sure of it.

I had vacation time coming up, so I immediately booked time off from work during and following the surgery. I never spoke to anyone about Dad’s diagnosis, trusting that he would pull through, cancer-free.


© 2014 Paula Bilz. All Rights Reserved.


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