Never Judge A Book By Its Cover…

just a background on my Mom’s early childhood – posted 3 months ago that explains a reference made to suicide in today’s Family Dinner post!



excerpt from: the little girl with a bow in her hair


1939: The Second World War was declared in Europe. Anne was now 5 years old and learned that her father would be signing up immediately to go overseas. Like many children at that time, marriage and family life would never be the same. Her father was accepted and would be shipped off to work as a cook on one of the many ships overseas. One of Anne’s most prized possessions was a photo that was taken of her and her father in full uniform just prior to him shipping out. She would keep that photo inside the edged framed ‘calendar’ photo. She would not see her father for the entire 6 years, but would receive letters from him periodically. Josephine would be forced to find a job where she ended up working a 12-hour day 6 days a…

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