Resigning… I tried to do it ‘my way’…


Wile E Coyote 2

It looked like everything in my life was going my way. I was resigning from a position at an independent record company and within a few days I would be promotion coordinator at one of Toronto’s top radio stations. I had my own apartment, albeit only a 3-minute drive from my parents, but I was officially a self-sufficient woman with a career.

I handed my resignation in to the owner of the record company and a date was set for exiting.

The tough part of working for this particular record company was that the owner married the publicity/promotion manager. Their relationship was electric and combative at the same time. In spite of the personality differences between the publicity manager and myself, we were able to work together for the bands we represented. My position at the company began as a receptionist and grew from there. I handled all the record stores and College/University radio stations throughout the country. Of course, the company had help from one of the major labels at the time, Polygram Records, who distributed our artists.

My last days at the company consisted of cleaning up any loose ends. I was excited to be changing jobs and the sky was the limit, until I received a call from Richard who would be my new manager at the Radio Station.

‘Hi Paula, it’s Richard.’ He said quietly.

‘Hi Richard, what’s up? I can’t talk long as I need to complete my last newsletter letting everyone know I will no longer be here next week’. I said excitedly.

‘Yeah, about that…’

‘What?’ I questioned.

‘Um, it seems that the owner of the station doesn’t want to fill the promotion coordinator position. He told the general manager that the station can operate without one’ he said.

‘What are you talking about, Richard? I was HIRED as the promotion coordinator, and I’ve already quit here; today is my last day’. I said a little defiantly, but extremely quietly.

‘Yeah, I know, everything will be fine. We just have to come up with a plan. The general manager will have you working here as soon as he can. He is a man of his word, his handshake is his contract’ Richard said.

I was speechless, today was my last day and now I had no job, which meant no money, which meant I was screwed.

I couldn’t talk, my heart began to beat a mile a minute, and I was seconds away from crying.

‘You are telling me all this on my last day’? I questioned.

‘Everything will be fine; it’s just that you can’t come in the building this Monday. I will call you at home this evening, hopefully we will have a plan by then’, he said. ‘Trust me on this one’.

Really, did I have any choice? One minute I’m on top of the world, the next, I’m thrown into the depths of hell.

I hung up the phone and closed my mouth as I realized my jaw had hit the floor.

Oh my god, what was going to happen? I couldn’t think or move; I felt paralyzed.

‘Paula, can I please see you in my office?’ the promotion/publicity manager said while standing in her doorway.

I didn’t like the way she said it. She had that angry stare I had seen many times, and looked right through me.

Now what? I thought. Could today get any worse?


© 2014 Paula Bilz. All Rights Reserved.


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