‘Only in their dreams can men be truly free’ ~ Tom Shulman


There are those people who pass through your life without any personal introduction. That person for me was Robin Williams. He was a man that everyone felt they knew through his stand-up, movies and interviews. He touched our hearts, made us laugh, made us cry, but more importantly, gave us all the impression that, if we were ever to meet, we could sit down for a dinner and converse like old friends.

An apparent suicide reveals many issues. It seems that throughout his life he tried to fight his dark side and inner demons through his addictions, in which he spoke about candidly.

But now he is no more. Such a tragic end to a life lived.   Comedies versus tragedy are mirror images of one another. I assume, so was Robin Williams’ life.

There should be no judgment as to why he took his own life. Mental illness is a reality and exists in many lives. Through counseling and medication a person can function, but it is an on-going and sometimes overwhelming conflict that is suffered alone.

To the man’s family, I can only say, I am so sorry. Please know how many lives he touched and know he will live on in his characters, but more importantly, the joy, smiles, tears, and laughter he brought to all.

Carpe Diem, Mr. Williams. Over and out!


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