Letting Go…

this will be the last post for awhile, I have much work to do, but I wanted to update this one… thank you all for your support!



 excerpt from: the little girl with a bow in her hair

One, if not the most, draining and difficult decision a caregiver can make for their loved one is to admit defeat and place them into a long- term care facility. Friends and family will offer their support and say things like ‘you had no choice’, ‘your Mom will be safe’, and ‘you can rest a bit knowing that she is being cared for’. But the caregiver may feel that they have failed their loved one. The emotions run the gamut and usually shift to guilt and shame, with a slight pang of relief. I was no different. What I did not anticipate at the time was being introduced to an entire set of new and unique challenges, along with another form of the ‘roller coaster’ ride.

I remember the decision vividly. The pots and pans over the balcony…

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