MOHLTC Inspections and Recreation




I have not published anything in quite awhile, but thought I would ask the question… why are there NO Ministry of Health and Long-Term care Inspectors directly for ‘recreation departments’? Inspectors either concentrate on nursing and dietary with a few who handle environmental. No offence to all the all the auditors, but I whole heartedly believe, the only person who can audit recreation is an individual with a background in the department and what they do inside and out.  Nursing is handled by regulated nursing persons, dietary is handled by individuals who are nutritionists or have special education in dietary, same goes for environmental. Again this is just another reason of how we are not recognized as an organization or department. The individuals who may audit the recreation department are usually nurses. Do not get me wrong, Nurses are very important in Long-Term Care, but they DO NOT have the education and training that a recreation professional carries. We are a profession that takes a holistic approach to programming, nursing does and cannot have the same path. 

Just saying….


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